Saturday, March 3, 2012

A tale as old as time

In February, I blogged about our family calendar. We're still using it/living by it. A friend asked to see it in action, and what am I if not a pleaser?


Here you can see my failings as a mother. Each member of the family has a color. Activities are jotted down along with time and place of event. The purple child, E, is way over-scheduled. We just have to survive through May, and then it's lesson learned and two activities max from here on out.

The premier of "Hunger Games" on March 23 may or may not be noted in red (my color) with a giant exclamation point.

Has anyone out there been converted to the cult of the family wall calendar? How's it working out for you?


  1. Me! In fact, your post about this new technology of sticking calendars to walls came a mere day after I bought the old-fashioned kind that attaches with nails. ;-) It is dry-erasable, though, and we too have may colors. My main problem is keeping it updated--I personally use a Google calendar, and it it my heart and soul. I do love the wall calendar, and it makes my inner control freak happy to see all our events neatly written out. Works for us!

  2. I've got an old fashioned 12 month calendar on my fridge. Mine is even more confusing, because in addition to everyone having their own color, my oldest is involved in so many sports, each sport had it's own color so that I could, at a glance, easiliy determine which activity was occurring each night. Sadly, Mom has the fewest things on the calendar...much like you. Miss you lots!


  3. Is this for me? If so, thank you, thank you! I love it! But E! What is that child doing? Training to take over the world, I bet! :)

  4. Yeah notice how we never have anything in our color? Mothers. They are the taxi drivers of the world.

  5. I do hate to be discouraging...I have a wall calendar and only 2 children. I don't color coordinate...because it is almost illegible as is. The additional color would give all of us a migraine. What I mean to say is - your calendar is wide open! You have more space than a National Park ready and waiting for V, W, and C (and E's additional activities). :D Carry on!