Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Organizing the progeny

Last weekend, a neighbor and I chatted about how I store my kids' activities and important school stuff in mah brain, which is getting a little rusty. It's also not transparent, which causes issues for BG when he needs access to the information. The kindly neighbor suggested, "You need one of those calendars blogs always talk about but no one actually uses!" Ding!

To Amazon I went, and to my door this evening, the Brewster Wall Pops calendar was delivered.
For $12.99 with free super-saver shipping, I think it's a good deal. It's large, it's dry-erase, and it's peel-and-stick (but removable!). I'm in love.

I've already plotted out February. Each kid has a color. BG and I have our own colors. My head feels less fuzzy since it emptied many of its contents into our new family info center. There might even be space for Sudoku in there now!


  1. I want one! But I don't have enough kids or enough activities to make it worthwhile! Too bad -- it looks like fun. Can we see it in action?

  2. OMG if you saw my calendar you'd die - no, you'd totally get it. I can't go anywhere without it. There's no fracking way I'd be able to keep it in my head and electronic calendars do not do it for me. I HAVE learned however, that I need to copy big stuff into google calendar so that Matt can access it from his phone. Raising kids is complicated.