Saturday, November 26, 2011

"No, I do not hoard Jell-O," and other quotables

I've found my talent. It's taken many years, but I'm sure of it.

Organizing chaos.

BFF-J invited me and the big girls over last night. The girls' job was to have as much fun as possible while fitting in a Blu-Ray screening of "The Lion King," while BFF-J and I got busy in the kitchen. If you are thinking anything other than two classy ladies reorganizing cupboards, you have a sicker mind than I do, which is saying a lot.

BFF-J has a lovely house, but it is severely lacking in kitchen storage. She does not have a pantry and has maybe seven cabinets total. For everything. Food, dishes, pots. Everything. Seven. It took me about an hour to accept it. This challenge just got real, yo.

I was asked to help create a Black Friday miracle: Make space where there is none. We started by grouping like things:

--The canned goods in random places must be consolidated

--Put all small appliances together

--Have a giant stockpot you only use a few times a year? Let's nest some other rarely used pots in that bad boy and put him in the back corner!

BFF-J took some before-and-after shots. I'm glad she didn't get any of me, because by 3 this morning I looked like an extra in MJ's Thriller video.

Zombie-face notwithstanding, we succeeded in our mission. The kitchen is lovely and functional, and our only significant purchases were three large plastic bins--of which I think at least one is going back--and a half-off decorative box with lid for storing table linens. I'm hoping BFF-J will pop in with some pics and guest commentary! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dessert as Project

Currently our kitchen looks like a project, and it's not because of new countertops or appliances (unfortch).  Rather, I am preparing my offerings for the G family Thanksgiving lunch. Dirty spoons and pans and bowls and measuring cups are littering nearly ever flat surface, but it's so worth it.

This is what just came out of my oven:


Alright, look, food is notoriously hard to capture in pics, and I'm a crappy photographer, but here's the side view:


WHAT? STOP. That is ridiculous right there. My friends, the Food Blogga's upside-down fig cake rocks my foodie sensibilities and answers the question "What is the perfect fall dessert outside of the pumpkin canon?" Based on the delicious, sweet aroma emanating from this figgy treat, I give it two thumbs way up--and look forward to using these thumbs to shovel the goodness into my mouth just under 12 hours from now. Don't worry; forks will be invoked.

Next up is this pecan pie.* I've tried different pecan pie recipes a few years in a row, hoping to stumble upon one that is perfectly sweet (not sickeningly so!) and lusciously syrupy beneath a layer of toasted crunch. Could this be it? I have high hopes!

*It is my Southern duty to acknowledge accurate pronunciation of the pie in question. It's puh-cahn around these parts, not pee-can. Why would anyone want to eat something that starts with "pee"? No, no, no. Puh-cahn pie all the way.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The creeping crud

I've been a lazy blogger lately, and that's because the creeping crud of fall knocked on the barn door, let itself in when I didn't answer, and then infected the coup.

BG is the latest victim. While he doses himself with Sudafed and ibuprofen, I'm spraying the house with Lysol and am steam-mopping his trail of sloughed white blood cells.

That brings me to my question for you readers: What is your favorite cleaning potion or tool? Mine is the afore-linked steam mop. I love it more than I ever thought I could love a mop. Do you live by vinegar? Clorox wipes? Denture tablets?

Share your faves in the comments :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I'm packing up all the Halloween goodness, because like AspieMom, I'm running a little behind in this chore.

I feel like October passed in a blur, we're already a week into November, and tomorrow is going to be Christmas. Jeezaloo, I am so not ready. 

I did find inspiration for my holiday porch. In Nashville last weekend, I walked into a Restoration Hardware, and BOOM! GORGEOUS! Birch branches in urns with little LED lights flickering and miniature mercury glass bulbs. I am not going to spend $10-$15 each on those RH bulbs, nor am I going to spring for birch branches, but I do have a frugal plan to recreate the fabulosity.

As for our Christmas tree and the stuff to go under it: Panic. I have a few good ideas, and then a bunch of blanks and "?"s.

And then there's the project list for the house. What's next? We have several projects in the queue but are lacking in follow-through. Maybe thinking about a cozy house for the holidays will inspire me. A fireplace facade and hearth makeover, perhaps? 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Lagniappe

I have a few pics to share from the G family's Halloween shenanigans.

Here is a shot of our portico from a neighbor's house:


We stuffed BG's Michael Myers suit with some extra burlap that we just happen to have laying around and set the mask on top. Yes, BG has a Michael Myers get-up at the ready at all times. Only brave children deserve our Halloween treats! Recognize the gourds and flowers? My mums haven't fully popped yet, but that's cool. I don't mind pretty purple mums for Thanksgiving.

This one cracks me up. What do you get when you mix four adolescent boys with neon bodysuits? This.


And this costume made my pop culture heart sing:


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have miniature candy bars for dinner.