Friday, January 6, 2012

Hayley Mills as inspiration

When I was little, I was obsessed with Hayley Mills's movies. You know her, right?

Flipping adorable.

In particular, I watched "The Parent Trap" until my eyes bled.

Something I noticed in that movie and remember mentioning to my mom even as a wee viewer is that the women's clothes were often yellow and gray. It sure was chic then, and I think it is now.

Are you doubting me? Don't be worried if you think I've gone mad with the mixing of warm and cool tones. Yellow can be cool and gray can be warm (I promise!). We find them paired in non-clashy ways all the time. In nature--rocks and flowers. Elements--Au and Ag. Rich people's houses--serving pieces and chargers. And in our ballroom-to-family-room makeover, you're going to see lots of it!

Here are a few of the purchases I've made in the last few days...

Ballard's Navarre Indoor/Outdoor Rug in gray (can I get that in a size GIANT, please):

A yard of Ballard's Scandicci Gray (psssst, BFF-J, I haven't asked you yet, so SURPRISE, would you be willing to make me a cushion cover in this gorgeousness?)

Target's Henna panels in gray:
Next I'll be picking paint colors--probably a soft gold from the Laura Ashley collection at Lowe's--and waiting for the wares to arrive. I can't wait to update you with progress. Finally, the ballroom will be useful. Please, squeeee with me!

 P.S.--I think lots of people have been inspired by "The Parent Trap." Where do you think Madonna got the idea for her cone boobies of the 90s? I'm putting my money on Maureen O'Hara's foundational garments.


  1. *squee*

    It's going to be so fantabulous!

    My favorite young Hayley Mills vehicle was In Search of the Castaways. Adult Hayley will always be Miss Bliss to me.

  2. Another Hayley lover here! I'm sure the ballroom will be fab!