Sunday, January 29, 2012

Down the rabbit hole

This has been one of those weekends where I have been insanely busy and exhausted myself but have netted zero finished projects.




BG and I are working on transforming four decade-old $35 fiber-board bookshelves from Wally World into something a lot less embarrassing. These shelves will hold toys in the playroom half of the ballroom. Eventually. 

For now it feels like I'm fighting my way through a pit of JELL-O and keep saying to BG, "OK, I need another pep talk." There's so much more to do... so little worthy of photographing.

How do you keep yourself motivated to go on when you're in over your head with a renovation or makeover? My version involves a lot of masochism, standard-lowering, and cursing. If I were an emoticon, I'd look like this right now.

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