Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hip and trendy I'm usually not

I am loving the emails and pings about gray and yellow. One reader sent me a pic of a skirt that she made out of a lovely gray and yellow fabric. Another alerted me to Old Navy's "Girls" tab feature today:

Will gray and yellow become the ubiquitous palette of the year, like brown and blue circa 2005*. What do you think? Trendy or classic?

*I can say this because I fully committed to blue and brown in our last house and then felt conned by mainstream retailers when it was everywhere.


  1. Both. I truly think it is unpossible to avoid trendy palettes. I've tried to find off-trend colors in curtains and accessories and found the selection across tons of stores abysmal. And if you read design mags and blogs and catalogs (ahem :D ) you just... get infected. But you've picked a homerun of a trend this time. ;)

    1. Sarah, you are so right on. I am recalling a quote from "The Devil Wears Prada" where we learn we wear things because we are told to, basically, by the trend-setters. Oh, you like teal? It's because Valentino said the top models should wear it on the catwalk, and now a year later it's hit Sears :D

  2. Gray and yellow is definitely trendy. And classic. :D By which I mean, it's a classic palette which is becoming trendy again. It's very fresh and clean, like mid-century modern. Whether it will be *the* palette of the year remains to be seen, of course. I hope it catches on. Such a soothing pair of colors to look at. Remember when navy and lime green was a thing? Ugh! My corneas still ache at the memory.