Saturday, December 31, 2011

Five steps into 2012

Resolutions schmezolutions. I'm not one to make them as a big thing at the end of the year. I would *like* to lose 10 lbs and *love* to save some extra money this year. Will either of these things happen? Doubtful.

The key to successful resolution-making is planning concretely to implement the change. That's where I fail with the weight thing and the money thing. I would enjoy it if some love-handle fairy zapped mine away while the Gringotts goblins added some dinero to my bank account, but that's unlikely to happen since I'm not putting energy into making it happen. This is putting aside the imaginary nature of fairies and goblins, but since we're talking about 10 pounds and extra money, it's all fiction anyway.

I see more success in the mini-resolutions I make to get through every day of my life.

"I will fold this laundry before I start another load."

"I will read through to the end of this chapter before I let my eyes close."

"I will not buy boxed mac and cheese for the kids when I go grocery shopping."

Small, actionable goals are how I keep our household running. I'm hoping they'll also help us move forward with our G-house makeover. It will be fun for me to put into writing the projects we hope to accomplish before this time next year, and, yeah, maybe it will help keep me accountable.

(1) Ballroom makeover. Sadly, this will not be THE ballroom renovation, but we are going to transform it into a family room and playroom. Plans = I haz 'em.

(2) "Secret bathroom" redo. We have a horrid half-bath off the mud room. The big girls nicknamed it "the secret bathroom" because the door looks like a closet door, and the bathroom itself is about half the size you'd expect. Except for the toilet and sink crowding up the space, it would make an excellent panic room. This whole project intimidates me, but it must be handled in 2012.

(3) Fireplace face-lift. I want to replace the dark slate on the fireplace surround. I have a vision, but the materials are so $$. I'm not sure it's worth it. I am brainstorming a classy knock-off.

(4) Portico fancifying. We have a lovely exterior entryway, but I am a little lost about how to furnish it. The style of this house is so unusual. It's not like grandma's old wooden rockers would look at home here. We're going to figure out a solution so we can enjoy the shade this summer.

(5) Art. The walls in this house are bare. We need some art, badly.

That sums it up. What are your big plans for 2012?


  1. My resolution: I will get off the darn Internet and go to bed! ;-)

    Can't wait to follow along with your projects this new year. Happy 2012, M and fam!

  2. I'm still enjoying reading about your adventures. You have inspired me with your laundry mini-resolution. I have longed to do that and will make a point this year, or at least this week, to fold it as it comes out of the dryer : )