Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sad ending to a short story

I had hoped Owen would work out for our family. He is a gorgeous, gentle boy. Alas, my allergies kicked in over the last couple days, and last night I woke up wheezing with a constricted chest.

Allergy shots can take years to create tolerance, and that's just too long to deal with the severe symptoms I'm having. Greyhounds are known for being gentle on allergy sufferers because they lack an undercoat, but I guess I am not meant to be a pet owner. 

The whole family is sad, but I know Owen will be in the right home soon. I hope his new family loves him up. He's such a sweet boy!!

If you are interested in greyhound adoption, google can help! Search "greyhound rescue" and your city. You probably have a group nearby, just waiting to place pups with people who will take good care of them.  <3