Saturday, December 10, 2011

It burns!

Baby, it's cold outside! Grab a skewer, load it with marshmallows, and cozy up next to the G Family's first fire!

We had a fireplace at the old house but never used it. I had an irrational fear of gas-starter poisoning. I'm over it now. *double checks flue*


I didn't take anything down from our typical mantel decor. For the holidays, I just added to it: lit garland (pssssst: Dollar Tree! Grab some $1 garlands, layer them, and string them with lights!), a set of extra-large nutcrackers as stocking holders, and of course each kid's stocking--marked with an initial ornament for the requisite monogram detail.

My little clay bowl that always hangs out on top of a stack of books now holds gold ornaments, and the holiday cards we've received from friends and family are tucked gently behind the giant map, which is sporting a brightly lit grapevine wreath attached by a hook that is just out of sight from the camera.

P.S.--Dear Santa, I still need some candlesticks for my candelabra. Kthx.


  1. Festive! I like what you did with the cards--I never quite know how to display them.

  2. Ha, I have "initial ornaments" on my to-buy list for our stockings. :D

    Angie, I string up ribbon somewhere in the house and staple each card to it. This year it hangs across our bay window with tails hanging down the side of the windows. I used to just tie two ribbons on each end of a curtain rod and let the hang down. You know, if you don't have a giant map in your house. ;)

  3. That is festive as hell. Great job, M! :)