Sunday, September 9, 2012

I am really dumb, for real

I'll always appreciate one of my Internet heroes, Antoine Dodson, for the awesomeness that is his quote, "You are really dumb, for real."

That is how I feel right now, y'all.

WHY didn't I enter our ballroom for Mandi's giveaway? WHO CAN RESIST A BALLROOM when there are so few available for redecorating shenanigans?

It's true that our ballroom is at least repainted and we have some semblance of toy organization/storage going on. Plus there's the fantabulous gray rug and covered couches. But it could totes be made Mandilicious.

Oh well! Please remember to vote for our pathetic bedroom!


  1. You didn't enter the ballroom because it is already MBGed... Most Bodaciously Glorified. To coin a phrase. And someday soon it will be eradicated from the face of the planet. The rest of the house deserves love and affection... especially from Mandi!

  2. I was wondering if because you had your own ballroom plans that you didn't want her to mandify it. BUT the SELL, a BALLROOM? Zoinks.

  3. When Mandi comes to do the bedroom, I bet you could get a few freebie suggestions for other spaces on the side. ;)