Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hellooooooooooooooooo + Dear Mandi

Hello, friends! It's been a long time--far too long, in fact.

I was hoping to come back here mid-summer and tell you all about our ridiculously fantabuloso planned renovation. Then we got our appraisal back and felt kicked in the gnads (important to note: only one of us homeowners has external gnads, but the kick was so hard, we both felt it). Let me keep it short: That appraiser is NOT my new bff, and I've been very... depressed. Dramatic, whatever, that's me. Anyway, the big renovation will have to wait--even longer--and I'm trying to get my fixer-upper mojo back. What is the cure for broken mojo? Mandi at Vintage Revivals.

Dear Mandi,
I follow your blog. I love you. I think you could love me too...

Whoa. That just got weird.

Let me keep it simple: Mandi is doing a room makeover contest, and I need her help, badly. This chick has singular vision and is a true DIY success story.

Let's give less weird a try!

I am going to mooch David Letterman's meme and give you the top 10 reasons you should fly your and Hailee's skillz down here and manage our room makeover:

(10) I am borderline inappropriate at all times, and I get a feeling you could both really dig that about me.
(9) I can cook! Have you ever had legit Cajun food? <--If you have never been to South Louisiana, the answer is no by default. Not only can I cook, but my grandmother and brother are willing to feed you. I haven't actually cleared this with them, but let's assume.
(8) I PROMISE YOU this will be the weirdest actual house you've ever seen, much less worked in [defining "actual house" as: not a fun house at a state fair, not a haunted house, and excepting that wacky Winchester house in Cali.]
(7) BG and I have four kids, so your epic makeover trip will be like a giveaway AND a circus in one.Think of the blog posts you could generate from all that material!
(6) It will never be too cold for spray paint here.
(5) We have lots of crap you could Mandi-up and make awesome. Seriously--an entire storage room of hoarded junk awaits.
(4) In addition to our current crap, there are architectural salvage stores, antique districts, and an active Craig's List community within a quick drive or click.
(3) I could teach you how to speak snark as a second language.
(2) I will out myself and all of my anonymous MBG-ness for YOU. I have never shown pics of myself on this blog but would happily publish pics with you in them! 
(1) Our master bedroom is peach with chalky blue trim, a taffeta canopy, 10-ft ceilings, four doorways, and no windows. If that isn't a Mandi-worthy challenge, I don't know what is!

Pics or it didn't happen? Well now:
Mix-matched bedding (unmade bed = husband home sick today); random lamps (because no overhead lighting!); crazy high ceilings give me nightmares that I'm falling; blue chair that I love but doesn't really belong anywhere in this house.


The canopy. Taffeta. Peach and blue. I'm crying. Are you crying?

I muse that the MBG master bedroom is meritorious of Mandi's magic. All in favor, say aye!


  1. YAYAYAY! I am so happy to see that you entered! I had visions of my entry and it didn't happen. If your room is selected, I am going to crash the party, mkay? Consider me additional labor. :-)

  2. Dude. That room is AWESOME!! We could make it SO great and I have never had actual Cajun food so that is a HUGE bonus... Thanks for entering and good luck!!

    Love your guts

    1. AYE!!!!!!

      And a comment from Mandi! Hi, Mandi! I don't know the rules for your contest, but if you need a personal reference for MBG and her crazy house, I'm your gal! MBG cooks crazy awesome Cajun food. Her house has AMAZING bones you would flip your lid over. She is awesomely creative and has done some DIY wonders in her home, but I know you could put it over the top! Please choose MBG!!!

  3. AYE here too! And ayayay for that canopy! I had no idea your bedroom was so... special!

  4. Jenna's MC's mom says anyone with 4 young Children that has the courage to buy a house that needs renovating and are trying to do it themselves deserves to win. Good luck!