Saturday, November 26, 2011

"No, I do not hoard Jell-O," and other quotables

I've found my talent. It's taken many years, but I'm sure of it.

Organizing chaos.

BFF-J invited me and the big girls over last night. The girls' job was to have as much fun as possible while fitting in a Blu-Ray screening of "The Lion King," while BFF-J and I got busy in the kitchen. If you are thinking anything other than two classy ladies reorganizing cupboards, you have a sicker mind than I do, which is saying a lot.

BFF-J has a lovely house, but it is severely lacking in kitchen storage. She does not have a pantry and has maybe seven cabinets total. For everything. Food, dishes, pots. Everything. Seven. It took me about an hour to accept it. This challenge just got real, yo.

I was asked to help create a Black Friday miracle: Make space where there is none. We started by grouping like things:

--The canned goods in random places must be consolidated

--Put all small appliances together

--Have a giant stockpot you only use a few times a year? Let's nest some other rarely used pots in that bad boy and put him in the back corner!

BFF-J took some before-and-after shots. I'm glad she didn't get any of me, because by 3 this morning I looked like an extra in MJ's Thriller video.

Zombie-face notwithstanding, we succeeded in our mission. The kitchen is lovely and functional, and our only significant purchases were three large plastic bins--of which I think at least one is going back--and a half-off decorative box with lid for storing table linens. I'm hoping BFF-J will pop in with some pics and guest commentary! Stay tuned...


  1. I'm seriously having a hard time thinking of something more fun than that. I want to exchange strategic kitchen product placement tips with BFF-J!

  2. Yes, "before" and "after" pictures please! :-)

  3. Wait a didn't tell me the part about getting busy in the kitchen!