Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I'm packing up all the Halloween goodness, because like AspieMom, I'm running a little behind in this chore.

I feel like October passed in a blur, we're already a week into November, and tomorrow is going to be Christmas. Jeezaloo, I am so not ready. 

I did find inspiration for my holiday porch. In Nashville last weekend, I walked into a Restoration Hardware, and BOOM! GORGEOUS! Birch branches in urns with little LED lights flickering and miniature mercury glass bulbs. I am not going to spend $10-$15 each on those RH bulbs, nor am I going to spring for birch branches, but I do have a frugal plan to recreate the fabulosity.

As for our Christmas tree and the stuff to go under it: Panic. I have a few good ideas, and then a bunch of blanks and "?"s.

And then there's the project list for the house. What's next? We have several projects in the queue but are lacking in follow-through. Maybe thinking about a cozy house for the holidays will inspire me. A fireplace facade and hearth makeover, perhaps? 

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