Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cast of Characters

Happy Halloween eve! Finally--finally!--I have details to share about the Toy Story character costumes.

The big chick, E, wanted to be Jessie, but the mass-produced versions did not please me. Too much $$, too little quality. I doubted that the Jessie-onesie would make it through a costume party, school day, and then to trick-or-treat. I figured if I could wing it and spend under $20, it was worth my time. My friend Amanda hooked me up with this blog post @ RACKS and Mooby. The post inspired me to scout the Dollar Tree for cowgirl hats in a hunt that ended in success. I used two white shoelaces around the hat's rim for the piping detail. There's a mess of hot glue under there. I cut chaps out of cow print fabric and used my beloved Fray Check potion. Then I stuck them on to E's jeans with stick-on velcro. The shirt is a turtle neck (Target for $4!). I created an iron-on transfer for the yellow backdrop (it kind of sucks; don't look too hard) and pair of buttons. Red puffy paint worked great for the rope detail.  The boots are from ebay for under $10. I accomplished my goal of cheapness!

The middle chick, V, wanted to be "workout Barbie." *heavy sigh* I told her this is absolutely the last year she can be ANYTHING Barbie--until she is 35 and the costume becomes either sexy or ironic. V's Barbie alter ego was definitely the easiest to put together. Teal leotard from ebay for $8. Leggings that we already had. Babylegs leg warmers (which Lil C can use later IRL), a pink belt we already had, and pink dress-up heels we already had. Booya! Done! She'll rock a high ponytail and own this ensemble like there's no tomorrow.

Our boy, W, wanted to be Woody. I ordered his vest from esty. The shirt is orange plaid, which is a deviation from Woody's yellow. Tough. We already had it, and it's adorbs. The bandana was uno dinero from Target. The hat is also a Dollar Tree find. The boots are ebay ($8! WIN!). He'll sport some jeans. The belt is... mine, actually. It was fashionable in 1993, and since the 80s are here again, this belt is going to be HAWT (reprise) in two more years. Trust.

The baber, Lil C, doesn't really have strong opinions about Halloween, so I am forcing her into a Mrs. Potato Head costume before she can voice dissent. This was fun. I cut a big blobby shape out of brown fabric, hand-stitched it *takes a bow*, and added elastic at the bottom for a gathered effect. Then I cut out foam shapes, eyeing the Toy Story 3 DVD cover as I went. They're attached with hot glue and/or fabric adhesive. The little hat we already had. I paid $2 for that felt flower pin-on (which I totally heart). She will wear a white shirt under it, black leggings, and her little red shoes. Er, we have to find the other one before T-or-T tomorrow night!

Holy crap that's a lot of words to describe the fun in this picture:


And there you have it! The G-clan disguises. We'll be rootin-tootin ready Monday night. I hope all of you readers have a super fun Halloween and that your kids get a lot of loot <--because, srsly, that means everyone with a sweet tooth wins. 


  1. These all look amazing, but I am seriously giddy at the prospect of V in that Barbie costume. She is going to werk. it.

  2. I'm so impressed with your craftiness. My craftiness does not cross over into clothing or costumes. Mad points for you!

  3. Yes! I'm so glad that V is still 4 and you are allowing one last Barbie huzzah. ;) I'm also jealous that she can wear something like that for T-or-T-ing without dying of cold - it's not like I didn't try it myself as a kid, but I sure didn't like it.

    The work you did, especially on E's costume -