Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the fray

I'm leaving... on a jet plane... in fewer than 24 hours and won't be back until Sunday evening, so I am in a Halloween costume frenzy.

This product is saving my badonkadonk this year. I have sworn off sewing machines (Who was I kidding? This was a relationship that was never going to work out. I can't think in upside-down mirror images, and I'm not sure that I even want to. So there.). And now I feel empowered in my swearing. Plus I've got BFF-J to help me out when actual seamstressing is necessary. HELLO! JUST NOTICED! Is it a coincidence that "stress" is in "seamstress"? I think not.

I'm putting finishing touches on four really slackerific Toy Story homages this evening. I will try to get pics up before I split for the weekend.

Any of you readers planning on working on costumes into the wee hours? Whatcha got craftin?


  1. Fray check brought S to tears, so we had to tape down the inside seams. Just a tip. :)

  2. Good to know, A! I'll have tape at the ready. You know my kids and their sensory issues/skin sensitivities!

    Pics are not going to happen tonight :( I am so disorganized right now, it's frightening. I'm the before shot of my china cupboard from that post I can't remember the name of a while back. SEE? DISORGANIZED!

  3. I can't believe this, but I will be one of the crazed mommas working in the wee hours of this weekend. I took on my first actual sewing project (not counting the hemming jobs and seam repairs over the past year). I mean actual pants. And a jacket. This is the web address for the blog I've been following to create the costume: Can't wait to see my 2-year old Prince Charming on Monday night!!!

  4. I haven't gotten around to cutting holes in a sheet for the littlest's requested ghost costume yet, and crafting A's Batman costume begins and ends at fussing with the store bought components until they look right.

  5. Meh. Halloween. I don't make a big deal out of it. S is some sort of skeleton witch and Z wants to dress "emo". Interesting.