Monday, August 15, 2011

Break out the Kleenex

Friday a real live architect is going to come for a visit. I'm going to tell him my vision for the ballroom renovation and get a quote for the master plans. The first step is always planning. Gotta plan the space, make a budget, get quotes, cry in fetal position about the quotes, burn the budget while you get rip-roaring drunk and cry about how much everything costs, and then take out a second mortgage for the reno while trying not to cry in front of the banker. Or is that just me?

That's a lot of crying. I need to practice the "It's just happy tears!" speech for the kiddos. I hope Ballroom 2.0 is worth it!


  1. !!!!!! :) :) :) I guess I didn't realize you were going to move so fast. Even if it is just the first wee step. Awesome!

  2. Real. Live. Architect! Squee, not tears! <3

  3. I didn't think you were moving this fast either. I'm still trying to decided whether to knock down one wall and we've been here for seven years :D