Saturday, June 25, 2011

It gets worse before it gets better

I'm pretty sure the guy who invented wallpaper is the same guy who invented fruit flies and gonorrhea. And on that note, can you guess what BG and I have been doing since 9AM? Hint: It didn't involve confidential treatment at a walk-in clinic.

We've been steaming, scraping, peeling and begging the wallpaper gods to take it easy on us, but so far, they are the vengeful Old-Testament variety.


See that cardboard in the pic above? That, my friends, is Sheetrock damage. As I continually gouged and destroyed spots of the wall in an attempt to free the adhesive backing from it, I took stock in what we in the corporate world of idiotic phraseology might refer to as gaps where I should grow my skill set.


BG is much better at the non-violent scraping, but I think he might sacrifice me to the fruit flies if I suggest it's a one-person job. Tomorrow we have the adhesive layer blanketing the rest of the breakfast room waiting for us.


I've read that the repairs won't be too difficult (nothing a little shellac-based primer, sanding, joint compound, more sanding, priming, and painting can't fix. Quelle suck!). On the other hand, I also read that taking down wallpaper wouldn't be bad at all...

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