Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration wuz here.

Many apologies for my negligent blogging over the past weekend. I was playing hostess to two fabulous girlfriends. Incidentally, one of them, EB, is a blogger and is having a lovely giveaway that you should definitely check out!

EB is inspired by Regency England in her work as a novelist. As a newb DIYer, I've been inspired by what you might describe as surprising citrus wallpaper in our breakfast room.


Before you gasp in horror, here's the big spoiler: we won't be keeping this intact. But isn't it funny when and where we find inspiration? After we toured this house, the wallpaper haunted me, and not just because I could see visions of it through my closed eyelids when I lay down to sleep that night. It seemed to scream out as the only possible color palette for our home.

I've already committed to green through a couple of past purchases and projects. Just when I started doubting the accompanying reds, oranges, and yellows, the house spoke to me. BG stripped the layers of flowers and adhesive backing from the walls to find:


"Paper," it reads.

Well the paper's frankly got to go, but its citrus essence will remain--though I plan to take it down a few notches on the loudness scale.


  1. That word scrawled across your wall is a tad creepy. Who knows what else is written beneath that field of floral monstrosities?

    Wonderful palate for your inspiration, though. It's very fresh and tasteful in less visually offensive interpretations. :D

  2. P.S. -- Thanks for the link! Don't forget to enter yourself!

  3. Inspiration does come from the strangest places!

  4. I'll bet if we tear more paper down, we'll find "REDRUM" somewhere!