Saturday, October 6, 2012


Have you ever wanted to lick a wall? This is what Valspar's Reflection Pool in semi-gloss has done to me.

The first coat is up! I had major anxiety about painting--PTSD from the ballroom blitz paint job--but then my amazing friend Sare said, "But I heard of this girl. She painted a WHOLE BALLROOM in a weekend. By herself!" Damn freaking straight, she did. So after baths, BG put a movie on for the chickens, and I found my painting groove.

This room was CAKE compared to the ballroom... Delicious cake a girl could dive right into.


  1. Great color! Can't wait to see the room come together. :)

  2. I have been completely missing out on my MBG updates!!! Loved finding this one in my catch up. :) Pica. :D You have me dying to get my tealish paint up!