Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mister Roboto

Last week I showed you all various accouterments and asked if you could imagine the plan we had for them. It's time to unveil the masterpieces.

The middle beasts, V and W, share a room. They need a room makeover something awful (see piteous BEFORE below), and they're about to get it.


At present, they have peach walls (shocking! /sarcasm), mismatched bedding, and absolutely no coherent design plan. 

That is all about to change, and the theme is to be ROBOTS.

I am generally anti-theme (in the same way I am anti stars and hearts. It's black and white.), but robots appeal to both these kiddos, and I knew they'd provide some good inspiration for art and colorways.

Our jumping-off point was etsy. I scoured shops for fabulous robot prints. I ordered the two that spoke to us (V and W's buy-in was key!) and moved on to bedding and lighting. But then, one random Saturday, I searched pinterest for "robot room." Someone had pinned this from Disney's family fun site.

WINNING, amirite? So the Gs got busy with tin cans, wire, and other awesome and came up with our own robot family.


Each of our robots really represents its maker.

At the far left we have our big girl, E. She loves sporting her glasses, so copper-wire spectacles were a must. The lightbulb on her head represents all her big ideas.

Next to E, with the gold can, is V. Even in a sea of siblings, that girl finds a way to stand out.

The teeny can with the wire ringlets is Lil C.

At the far right, we have strapping lad W. You can't tell so much from this pic, but he is on wheels. He pretty much rocknrolls his way through life, so it's fitting.

In the back row to the left, we have BG. His vessel is clear, and we plan to make it the family coin bank. He does love money.

And to the right is yours truly. My body dismorphia comes through even in my robot art. Sadly, I look like a snowman. What isn't pictured are the eyes in the back of my head.

Soon (I hope), we'll have the G family of robots up on shelves in the made-over room for the middles. Stay tuned--and patient--for updates!