Sunday, July 3, 2011

...more than the sand on the beach...

It isn't just a love poem.

I left off Monday night with a plan and the early execution of that plan. Then I got really tired and burnt out. The Tues-Thurs break was nice, but this weekend, I got back into the breakfast room. BG mostly got a reprieve... if taking majority care of the children is any sort of deal. Sucker.

A brief recap of how we handled our wallpaper hell:
(1) Peeled off all the adhesive backing that would cooperate
(2) Gently sanded down the adhesive backing that wouldn't (this was to get rid of the fuzzies, not to sand it down to the wall)
(3) Swept down the walls to get rid of sanding dust
(4) Covered all wall surface with shellac-based primer
(5) Filled damaged spots with joint compound
(6) Sanded joint compound
(7) Currently repeating steps 5-6 as necessary to get a smooth finish

I just applied the final (gawd, I hope) layer of joint compound to the damaged areas and thought I'd share some pics:

An example of the shellacked damage (<--this is fairly representative of how 2/3 of the room turned out after steaming away the evil wallpaper):

^If you stare at this pic with your head all sideways and dog-like, it will eventually make sense. Those indentations shouldn't be there.

Watching the mud dry:

A sample of the mess:

Next time the Gulf needs a load of sand to stave off erosion, the Army Corps of Engineers should give gypsum a try. Add a little water, and you've got a wall!


  1. As stressful as it is, I'll deal with the kiddos as much as I have to rather than fight that #*€~$@ wall!

  2. Wallpaper is the devil, and joint compound makes some wicked dust. You have my sympathies!