Monday, July 4, 2011

A blank canvas

The breakfast room is repaired and primed and ready for some MBG flavor.

We've been trying to define our needs for the space. As it turns out, what we don't need at all is "a breakfast room."

We'd like to create an area where the kids can hang backpacks, BG can drop his laptop and briefcase, our big girl can do homework [Time out for existential crisis: How did she suddenly grow into a second grader? Who said that was OK? I have to go throw up now.], and we can sort mail and pay bills. I guess a mud room and family office/workspace are in our future. 

I've made a few purchases and have been clearing the vague "what about..." cobwebs from my vision. We have an insane week and weekend ahead, and then it's time for what the design shows call loading the room. I can't wait to unveil the big after shot! No, really, I can't wait. Can we just fast-forward to next weekend?

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