Monday, May 9, 2011

That's going to be a no.

Since my last post, we've done more yard work (all editing, no adding) and lots of virtual window shopping. Hey you guys--remember when "window shopping" meant looking through actual windows? My kids will always think of it as minimizing and comparing browser windows, but I digress.

The interwebz have helped in my hunt for several products. Among them, window coverings. We have two long, narrow casement windows on each side of our front door. I was feeling a bit queasy at the thought of leaving those windows undressed, which is what many of our neighbors have done. Peeping Toms just aren't my thing, and those open windows are like an invitation for pervs who look into windows as they walk their kids around the block in the evenings and admire all the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware furniture and fixtures as well as grandma's antiques. Revolting behavior, I tell you.

The idea of cherry wood plantation shutters entered my brain and seared it, and I haven't been able to shake it. I was envisioning installing shutters like these to close the louvers when we want privacy and to open them when we don't.

Today I got the quote and learned that my gorgeous plantation shutters are going to remain a fantasy. Drum roll please...................


Per window.

I died.

Then I came back to life and started pricing blinds. [Let's pause for a moment of house geekery here. Did you know that faux wood is two times heavier than real wood?]

Cherry blinds (color: Auburn. Don't you just love that?) are going to cost a quarter of what the plantation shutters would. Now that's what I'm talking about!


  1. And you probably would have been the only one to appreciate the loveliness of the shutters. Blinds for the win!

  2. Aw, those shutters are beautiful! Now I need some pretty blind pictures to feel good about your decision! ;)

  3. OR you could not put up any blinds/curtains/shutters... We have those little windows on either side of our front door and I covered them with window film. I know that sounds kind of tacky, but we love it because it still lets light in. I bought this one that has texture but they also make mirrored, decorative, heat control, etc. film.

  4. Shauna--that's an interesting thought! We put up that same textured film on the front door of our old house (but ultimately covered it with a Roman shade because it was still too see-through-y for my taste. If I didn't have a nudist husband, life would be simpler.

    Thank you!

    Nadeve--pics to come just as soon as they're ordered. I am dragging my feet about this. I guess I'm not totally sold on settling for the blinds :(

    Sarah--you're probably right. I think most people don't give a flop about plantation shutters vs. wood blinds. Why am I a masochist? :D